Frequently Asked Questions

I already have my own boat. How do I get a blind to fit on it?

If you have one of the makes/models mentioned above, we have existing jigs: G3 1860 DK, Lowe Roughneck 1860 Waterfowl, or Lowe Roughneck 2070 Waterfowl, it’s no problem. Just give us a call, and Lance will fix you up with a blind and arrange delivery.

If you have other makes/models, we need your boat in order to fit a blind properly to the layout and shape of your boat. Contact Lance and give him specifics where he’ll schedule a time for you to bring your boat in.


How long does it take BUST’EM to build a blind for my boat?
Most blind builds take between 7 and 10 business days.


What is the “Rush Build” and how much extra does it cost?
BUST’EM offers a Rush Build where a blind can be built and fitted to the boat in 2- 3 days. The fee for the Rush Build is $300. All Rush Builds must be pre-scheduled so that BUST’EM can staff accordingly. Rush Builds do not include additional boat modifications.


I’m interested in buying a new HAVOC or BEAVERTAIL and BUST’EM Blind Combo. How can BUST’EM help me with that?

Let us pair a BUST’EM BLIND with a HAVOC Boat or BEAVERTAIL Boat we have in stock or we can order from the factory the boat you prefer.


What is TPO, the material you use for your QuietHide Shell?
Thermoplastic olefinthermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), or olefinic thermoplastic elastomers refer to polymer/filler blends usually consisting of some fraction of a thermoplastic, an elastomer, or rubber.  The bottom line, it is a flexible, hard rubber shell that is water-proof, wind-proof, UV resistant, and won’t crack or break.


How much does an average blind weigh?
Raw weight or weight without brush or grass is dependent on the length, width, and layout of the boat but most blinds average about 10-12 lbs per boat foot (Example: 187 lbs for a 17’ boat).


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